Benefits of In-Play Sports Bets Heading to America

What is In-play Betting?

In-Play Betting Explained. Betting Guide In-Play, In-Game, or Live betting allows bettors to place bets on a live event. In-play betting is considered as the most fun way to bet on sports events.
As more states pass sports gambling legislation, sports franchises will be looking to include some sort of in-game or live betting option for game attendees.
Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Wizards and the Capitals has already expressed his interest in having consoles at seats where fans can live bet on the action in front of them. I could see us partnering with a DraftKings, FanDuel, or an MGM.
They’ll have the book, they’ll stand behind the money, and we would activate it and promote it. In-Play wagering ranges from very simple to quite complex.
NFL Example: Bettors can wager on what type of play will be next – Pass or Run – or if the next play will result in a first down – or which player will score the next touchdown.
In-play betting definitely adds flavor to the world of betting.
Hello from Sin City, my friends! Here’s what’s happening, This Week in Gambling!
I’m your host J.Todd… just don’t get me wet, or feed me after midnight, and everything will be just fine! This week’s big story is that despite the recent threats from the US federal government, online gambling and sports betting continue to expand across America.
Betting on sports is now legal in eight states! Plus, the nation’s capital, Washington DC, just passed legislation to regulate the activity. However, that’s hit a bit of a snag and might be delayed for a while. But that didn’t stop NBC sports from rolling out in-play betting there last week… sort of.
NBC debuted a “predictive game” during a live broadcast of an NBA betting contest. Real-time stats were displayed upon screens and players had to answer “predictive questions”. Even though it was free-to-play, and even though it technically wasn’t actual in-play betting, it was a great way to introduce the concept to America. And hey the winner still got $500! Speaking of expanded sports betting, Tennessee just threw their hat in the ring with new legislation to regulate the activity. That means over 20 US states are now moving in that direction… plus the eight that already have it…
Plus, one of those eight, West Virginia , is now considering legalizing online poker and gambling!So let the Federales try to ban online gambling. Let them try to take control of sports betting away from the states. All they’re going to do is open up a ginormous can of legal whoop-ass on themselves when all those lawsuits come filing in…
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Finally this week it looks like New York State is gonna take a run at regulating online poker… Not for the first time… or the second time. It’s not even the third time.
In fact they’ve tried so much it’s beginning to sound like a broken record like a broken rec… like a broken rec… like a broken rec… like a broken rec… huh.
Why don’t we end the show right here, and this will give all you Millennials out there time to go ask Google what a record is… Now with 50% more Aspartame!

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