Super Bowl 2023 Betting: $5 Million placed on Bengals

Well this will be the last super bowl in which Ohioans cannot legally bet on the game inside the state you see lawmakers approved sports betting last year but it won't take effect until next year.

Will York joins us with an update on the progress here. 
A record number of americans are expected to put money on this year's super bowl but without sports betting  legal here in Ohio yet the state won't be seeing any of that action the american gaming association estimates 31.5 million people will wager more  than 7.6 billion dollars in the 30 states that have legalized sports betting bidders range from the casual wagers to those risking a lot.

The largest bet in super bowl history was actually placed just yesterday as a texas furniture store mogul put down five million dollars on the bengals but because betting is illegal in texas he had to travel to Louisiana to make that bet now Ohio will  be able to start taking wagers come next january and because they're expecting a big boom when that does happen jack entertainment already making moves to be prepared. So both of our properties here in the Cleveland area  
at jack thistledown and jack cleveland will have  big retail sportsbook footprints and so we've been spending a tremendous amount of time on design for those and we'll start swinging hammers here pretty soon and we'll have those open certainly in time for us to start taking bets you know .
at the beginning of next year they're also working  on an app and website to take digital bets when it becomes legal next year as well but sullivan said that they're planning on launching those actually in the near future for people to play for free so that they can kind of get used to the experience.
Okay well we know that the Rams I believe are four-point favorites what's your bet well I don't  bet I'm not a gambling man I always lose anyway  – oh come on now thanks give me the Rams – we'll see you again with more.

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