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You know so happy New Year, friends, hello, hello, welcome to bed online. All access – I’m Ali Melendez – that’s right this year, we’ll be ringing in the new year with an incredible weekend of football: the college football playoff semifinals on New Year’s Eve and another big Sunday of NFL action on New Year’s Day, as well as a ton of bowl Games our Drew Butler and the guys will be along in just a few with everything you need to know for the weekend’s biggest games, but first click that seat belt in it is time to take a look at some other happenings in the vet online Universe.

Now other than football, you ask yeah, there’s plenty more happening out there. So let’s do it here we go in the NBA. It’S been a slow start for the Mavericks and heat who aren’t exactly performing up to expectations, though the sentiment is that they’ll both be in the playoff picture.

When it’s all said and done now, adding a Bonafide Superstar to either roster would definitely cement that notion. Even further and Trey Young could be that guy after reports have surfaced that he may request a trade.

Now we put the Mavs in heat at the top of Young’s trade odds, followed closely by the Boston Celtics, so Denver. They finally pulled the plug on their dumpster fire of the season when they relieved Nathaniel Hackett of his duties earlier this week.

Now, as the season draws to a close in a couple of weeks, it is time to look ahead to the ominous Black Monday and speculate which other head coaches might also be handed their Walking Papers. We set odds for which coaches could be canned as well as the next head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Finally, meaningful meaningful baseball is right around the corner. Friends, that’s right. The World Baseball Classic takes place this coming march, with 20 countries set to battle in what is essentially the World Cup of baseball, no Argentina or Brazil.

At the top of this odds board, though we at better line have the United States and the Dominican Republic at the top of the board, so friends get the World Baseball, Classic college and NFL football basketball hockey horse racing, literally whatever it is you’re into we gotcha Bet online, where the game starts so, as I mentioned earlier, we’ll all be ringing in the new year this New Year’s Eve with the College Football Championship, Playoff yeah, a couple of amazing matchups – are on top and here to break it all down, for us is our Very own Drew Butler and Gabe icard, along with their special guest.

This week, Mr Danny Canelo welcome guys and of course, happy New Year, hey Ally, Happy New Year to you and to everybody out there tuning in to bet online. All access Drew Butler here, joined alongside Gabe ikard and special guest, Danny Cannell, as we preview the college football playoff and a couple of other bowl games guys it is time and what a playoff we have on Deck.

But first first, let’s start with the Rose Bowl game and heads up to everybody out there: no bowl games on New Year’s Day this year, because that’s a Sunday you’ll have all your NFL actions. So on January, 2nd the Rose Bowl game kicks off and it features number 11 Penn State and number eight Utah Gabe right now.

Utah is a two and a half Point favorite the total sits at 52 and a half points yeah, and I think this is going to be a really good one. Cam Rising is one of my favorite quarterbacks in all college football, but I like Penn State in this game because of the rushing attack going back and thinking what Zach charbonnet did to the Utes in that matchup against UCLA catron Allen.

Nick Singleton, I like that one-two punch for a very talented, Penn State football team, I’m gonna. Take the points. Give me the Nittany Lions, I’m on the other side of this one Gabe, I’m gonna go ahead and back Kyle Whittingham.

I this team to me is maybe one of the more underrated teams. Every single year we saw the shootout they got into last year with Ohio State coming up just short, I think they got a little chip on their shoulder feeling like they don’t get enough love in the credit they deserve after a thoroughly impressive season, a Pac-12 Championship.

I think they get it done against the Penn State team. When I look at their schedule, yes, they have a couple impressive losses, but where is their most impressive win? I think that resume is lacking with Utah.

I feel like they’ve proven themselves over and over again. So give me the Utes in this one I’ll lay the two and a half. I have to side with you on this one and for the reasons you just explained, Penn State going up against really good competition.

They lose those games Utah going up against good competition. They usually win those games. A couple of big opt outs for the used Tavion Thomas, their star running back. He won’t be playing and neither will Dalton Kincaid their trusty tight end.

Utah. Wasn’T that instant classic a year ago, against Ohio State Penn State going back to a couple years ago, have been in instant Classics in this Rose Bowl game as well. If you look at these two teams, they are very evenly matched up across the board.

I love the quarterback matchup Sean Clifford for the Nittany Lions cam Rising for Utah, but I’m gonna take the Utes, the Pac-12 Champs and Kyle Whittingham I’ll lay those two and a half points that will be a good one to wind down the holiday weekend.

Let’S head to the college football playoff, though we have two amazing, semi-final, matchups and we’ll start out west with the verbo Fiesta Bowl number three TCU. The Cinderella story he’s taken on number two Michigan Michigan, making it to the playoff for the second year in a row and Gabe right now, Michigan a seven and a half Point favorite.

The total is 58 points. Yeah, I’m gonna take the points and it made me buy Big 12 bias showing, but I think TCU. The skill Talent is real. Quentin Johnson Kendra Miller, like they have weapons offensively.

If Max Duggan can play a complete football game, this thing can be interesting, but the big question is: can tcu’s defense hold up against that physical run game from the Wolverines we’ll see, but tcu’s been great in close games this year they love playing close games.

So I think they keep it close I’ll. Take those points, I’m with you Gabe, I’m gonna. Take those points – and I’m also gonna tag on the over in this one as well, because I don’t think tcu’s defense is going to be able to hold up repeatedly against Michigan’s Run game.

The physicality it hasn’t mattered since Blake Quorum, went down Donovan Edwards steps right in it goes for 185 and 215 hasn’t phased them at all. I think they’ll be able to bully tcu’s defensive front, but the good news is, I think, Max Duggan and Company.

Now that they’re healthy, you mentioned it Max Duggan, looks so worn out in that big 12 championship game. Quinton Johnston was hurt late in the season. They’Ve got some time to freshen. Up, get healthy, get a good game plan.

I think Sunny Dykes offense will have some success against Michigan. I think it’s a touchdown game, so I’ll go ahead and take TCU, but I think it’s also going to be a shootout as well, so I’ll take the over too all right.

Two people love TCU. Let’S make it three, I like the horn frogs plus the seven and a half as well. We all know that Michigan will dominate in the trenches their size and physicality could be a great difference.

But what does that mean? That means TCU is not going to go in there and try to play bully ball. That is not a winning recipe Danny. You said it Max Duggan getting healthy, I think, with TCU losing the Big 12 Championship, the pressure’s off, they have nothing to lose man.

This is a free Spin to get to the National Championship in the second year in a row for Michigan playing in the college football playoff. Could that provide a little bit more pressure for the Wolverines? That defense, though, only allowing 13.

4 points per game. The Horned Frogs are going to have a tall order in front of them, but they always stick around. I think this is the one game where Blake Quorum, not being in that Michigan Wolverines lineup could come back to bite them.

I know Donovan Everett has stepped up in a big big way, but more than a touchdown give me the seven and a half points we’re all on the same side there with the Horned Frogs and let’s finish things off with the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta Georgia.

Guys this is an unbelievable matchup number four Ohio State, not even playing for their conference Championship getting into the college football playoff taking on the defending national champion number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs Gabe George is a six and a half Point favorite the total is 62 and A half points this could be one of the best playoffs games we’ve seen in a while, I’m gonna take your dogs Drew it’s just it’s impossible for for me to forget what Michigan did to Ohio State in the fourth quarter of that football game.

I think Georgia is just a better version of Ohio State or a better version of Michigan that that’s what I see that team, as I think Georgia has the ability to push Ohio State around in this football game, and I think that’s what’s going to happen.

I’M going to lay the points with the dogs – I just, I think, they’re too good too talented too big a number for me. Sorry Drew I’m gonna go ahead and take those six and a half against your dogs. You know we were talking about TCU.

Just a second ago saying, hey they’ve got you know that the loss takes some pressure off. I think for Ohio State. The loss to Michigan gives them new life like they’re back. They thought their season was toast.

They thought they were done. Gon na be petted off. Some Bowl now they’re finding themselves in the playoff with essentially a mulligan. I think they can play pretty Carefree too, and I do think you’ve seen glimpses of team teams that potentially had an opportunity to move the ball against George’s defense.

Tennessee missed a couple balls. There hen and hooker when they were in Athens, but then in the SEC Championship Game, LSU kind of made it interesting throwing the football around. So I think you saw some vulnerabilities in Georgia’s past defense, which I do think.

Cj Stroud and Company will be able to exploit. I think Georgia probably gets it done when it’s all said and done, but six and a half that’s too many for me. I think it’s a field goal game. Look I had to take the points here too.

I mean I’ll, take the six and a half points simply put Ohio State having that new life and how they’re going to attack Georgia on the offensive side of the ball gives me a little bit of cause for concern.

Yes, CJ Stroud is the lead, the talent that they have on the perimeter, especially Marvin Harrison Jr. Mayan Williams is going to play a big role, keep in mind two big opt outs, opt-outs, injuries for the Ohio State, Buckeyes and Jackson, Smith and jig, but travion Henderson will that come up to really hold the Buckeyes back from getting this Victory? Georgia, trying to get back to a national championship for the second year in a row, keep this in mind guys throughout the playoff era.

Only three times have the number one seed played the number two seed in the championship game and all three of those matchups were Alabama against Clemson. Could Georgia have had a worse draw getting Ohio State in this spot? It is a dangerous matchup, CJ, Strava, Stetson, George’s d-line, against that Ohio State offensive of line should prove to be the difference.

This will be a close game. The blueprints out there look at what Alabama did last year in the SEC Championship game against Georgia. You got to get the ball out, quick, get the ball into the playmaker’s hands on the perimeter and see what can happen.

You cannot allow Georgia’s front seven to control this football game. The recipes out there guys can Ohio State execute. It should be an amazing game. I think six and a half’s too much as well I’ll also go over 62 and a half points so give me the Buckeyes gonna be an awesome weekend of college football.

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the bowl games all week. Long right here on BET online all access for Danny Canal. Thanks for joining us and Gabe Iker, I’m Drew Butler Ali Happy New Year. Uh thanks, so much Drew well, you guys are fantastic and yes, New Year’s Eve will be absolutely one to remember now.

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You do not want to miss this trust me. Well, we are down to the nitty-gritty in the NFL, with only a few weeks. Left the Battle For What remains of those precious playoff spots is as intense as ever so here with a look at the biggest games of the New Year’s weekend.

Our very own Drew Butler, along with veteran of 11 NFL, season’s Anthony becht and, of course, two-time Super Bowl, champ Jonathan Casillas welcome, guys and happy New Year, hey Ally, hope you had a great holiday.

This is one of the best weeks of the year, not much going on except football football family food, all that good stuff happy New Year, let’s preview week, 17 of the NFL season Drew Butler here joined alongside Anthony Beck and Jonathan Casillas and guys the playoff picture Is starting to take shape and these three matchups that we’re breaking down right here all have big implications.

So, let’s start out west in Seattle, as the New York Jets head out to Seattle to take on the Seahawks and get this Anthony. The Jets are two and a half Point favorites on the road. The total is 42 points, yeah.

How about that spread? That’S an interesting one to me. It definitely opened my eyes and how about Robert Sala after the game last week, talking about playoffs, that’s far-fetched at this point, it’s amazing how four days everything has changed.

Everything has fallen in place for the Jets, but quite frankly, control themselves as they go into this situation. If they can beat Seattle and beat Miami and the Patriots were to lose one of their next two games, the jets are in so listen.

The biggest Factor here is the quarterback position. You know Zach Wilson and came back last week played just didn’t up to the expectations of the of what this team needs to really function. Offensively Mike White is back, though, and I think that’s where you see the difference in this Jets team, one of the top defenses in the NFL Mike White 300 yards passing, really he’s averaging a game since he stepped onto the field this year and last year.

As his starter for this football team, so he’s fired up you’re, looking at two things here: you’re looking at a team, that’s desperate Back Against The Wall, they’re given a second chance and you’re. Looking at a guy with Mike White right, this guy’s got really two games to prove himself and he could basically get anywhere between 10 to 15 million dollars on a contention moving forward.

So you guys know how that is. When money’s on the line. Man, sometimes players they raise the bar Geno Smith has been spectacular this year. We know he’s a comeback player of the year uh, but there’s been a little bit of a trickle down bottoming out of him and his team right now.

Listen, I got ta go with the Jets in this scenario. I think they go on the road. They probably win by a field goal, but a win is a win. That’Ll cover it I’ll roll with the Jets. Yeah Jonathan Anthony just mentioned it.

The Seahawks were a team that all of us were really high on and they surprised a lot of people early part mid part of the season, but they’ve taken a step back. This couldn’t be better timing for the Jets yeah.

The Seahawks definitely took a step back last week. They didn’t score a touchdown till two minutes left in the game. So that’s what they’re at right now during the season when you want to see a team pushing upward, especially when they’re making this playoff push in the Jets.

On the other end, I think it’s safe to say to Zach Wilson experiment is over. I can hear the booze from our house, okay, Anthony. I can hear him from my house. It was loud but look they believe in Mike White.

The defense believes in Mike White the guys on that team believes in Mike White. The organization does the region. Does New York and New Jersey they believe in Mike White, so with him back underneath Center? I think the Jets are a way better team than with Zach Wilson.

I think the defense plays a lot lot better. They couldn’t slow down Jacksonville. Last week, Evan Ingram etn Trevor Lawrence was a little too much for them, but I’m telling you when you have a guy that galvanizes a team I think like Mike White, does especially knowing what he’s replacing.

I think everybody plays better. So I think I could. I could be with you Anthony, I think I’m gonna take the Jets on this one as well, because they’re trying to make that playoff push guys. I might be on the opposite side of you here and the Seahawks are probably going to be the square play.

A home Underdog, the Jets haven’t been good. The Jets have lost four straight. I mean why on Earth are they favored Gino Smith? Hadn’T look good, but this is Geno Smith against the team that drafted him the Seahawks, although it’s a slim chance, they are still alive in the playoff race, in the NFC so being out in Seattle, the 12th man.

How will Mike White bounce back from that injury? I know the Jets defense is really strong in that Seahawks offense has struggled. This line is suspicious. I’M gonna take the bait, give me the Seahawks plus two and a half a home dog this late in the season, while both teams backs are up against the wall.

I’Ll roll with the home dog here give me the two and a half points with the Seahawks, let’s head to the NFC North, with a fascinating matchup. It’S the Minnesota, Vikings heading to Lambeau, to take on the Green Bay Packers Anthony.

The Packers here are three-point favorites. The total is 47 points and you said last week: Minnesota has nine lives brother, it might be 10 lives after how they’ve been winning these football games. Yeah, I’m telling you man, I’m losing a little bit of money right now on the Vikings this season.

I just feel like you know when you watch them, it’s like man. Are they that good, but I’ll tell you. They are definitely proving me wrong. Every single week you know Kirk Cousins, Jefferson. These guys have linked up and party put one one of the best quarterback receiver combination seasons.

In a long time in the NFL it’s been fun to watch and the defense, quite Frank, frankly, has really stepped up. This is becoming a little bit of a complete team. Even on special teams, their kicker’s been unbelievable.

This season making some clutch kicks when they need it um, you know, look there’s some about. You know, there’s a couple quarterbacks it’s hard to go against, regardless of their record when it means something Tom, Brady, obviously, and Aaron.

Rodgers yep and I just think at Lambeau uh. The teams have left this team. This Packer team creeped back into it and we talked about this receiving Squad being you know not quite ready, not quite you know consistent week the week.

Well, guess what they’re growing up? Every single week and Aaron Rodgers are starting to mix and throws, and these guys are making some catches man. This is a tough one. For me, I got ta go with the Packers man.

I just think at some point, although the Vikings have proved me wrong. They’Re gonna, let me down if I, if I go against the grain here, so I’m gonna stick with my guns. Here: 10 lives is all it’s going to be now.

I’M gonna go with the Packers and this one at home and giving Aaron Rodgers a back door, possibly to the playoffs man. How can you allow Aaron Rodgers to stick around this long Jonathan, the Packers are still alive after that monster Christmas Day.

Victory over the Dolphins yeah, they got three straight, you know, and this is a team we look like that, looked like they were dead at some point during this season. You know and on the other hand, the Vikings they got a lot of lives like Anthony said.

I watched them beat up on the New York Giants last week when it was a close game, but then they got the game. Changer Justin Jefferson is by far I think, the best receiver in the league, and I don’t even think it’s close guys he’s just doing it.

Gaming game out he’s a gamer he’s showing that why he is but then on the other side, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers. Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever played this game. Their team is not doing well this season, but he’s he’s surging them right now.

They’Re they’re surging right now, three straight and I think Vegas look something about Vegas man when that when they, when they pick stuff – and I wasn’t so apprehensive about it at first now – I’m just like you know what I think they know what they talk about man.

So I’m gonna have the later points go with the Packers. I just think because they’re they’re at the point now where, if, if they win these games – and they get a little bit of help, they can sneak into the playoffs, and I think that has Aaron Rodgers playing at another level right now.

So I’m gonna take the Packers on this one yeah Vegas is telling you. This is an even match-up right. Packers are three-point favorites at home. I know the Vikings are 12-3. I know the Packers are calling their way back into the playoff race, but here’s what’s happening right now.

If you look at the public, they will tell you that Minnesota’s lucky they’re the worst 12-3 team ever in the history of the NFL, but inside that locker room. I guarantee you, those coaches and those Viking players are thinking they can’t lose.

So I’m gonna put myself inside that locker room, I’m putting that purple helmet on I’m rolling with the Vikings give me those three points: Kirk Cousins against Aaron Rodgers in this spot will be an awesome matchup.

I just don’t see how you can pick against Minnesota at this point so that again might be square. You guys are on the Packers you’re, laying the three points with Aaron Rodgers. I’M going to the other side.

Give me the Vikings plus the three. This team is unbelievable to watch. I can’t believe they just keep doing it week after week after week. It will continue this weekend in Lambeau, Vikings, plus the points yeah I’ll, take those three and let’s finish it out with what might be the best Monday Night Football matchup of the entire season, and it comes in week 17.

It is an AFC Clash, a possible AFC title preview, the Buffalo Bills heading to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. The bills are one Point: Road, favorites Anthony the total is 49 and a half yeah. You know it’s: it’s amazing how the NFL schedule these games and they always works out in their favor at the end of the season, every single game, even throughout to the last week of the Season, every team has to play their starters.

There’S no bye weeks for anybody, because it’s so tight at the top, and it’s so tight at the bottom and and this game you’re right this. This is going to be a match-up uh, two great quarterbacks, arguably the two best in the NFL two teams that can score look.

This is going to be hard for me to pick who’s gonna win this game, but I will say this at 49 points. I’M gonna take that over I’m gonna sit back play some popcorn game watch the points get stored and get into the fourth quarter.

Somebody will put it over the top so go with the over in this game and enjoy what this will finish out to be a great week of football over might be a safe pick here. Jonathan Josh Allen, Joe Burrows Stefon Diggs Jamar chase a lot of Firepower on both offenses yeah.

Absolutely, I think you can go with the over on this one. This is definitely going to be a shootout type of game and look I I love what Josh Allen is doing most of the time, but he just gets a little too Reckless with ball.

For me. You know he lets it go. You know he sacked fumbles and he he does reckless passes down the field, but on the other hand, I don’t think Joe Joe Burrows, like that he’s a gamer he’s a guy that has three wins to zero against my homes, he’s a guy that can beat anybody At any given day, Joe burrow is the new Tom Brady and I think he is playing like that.

He look. This guy is absolutely amazing and the weapons that he has on the outside the two outstanding running backs that he has and a very opportunistic defense. I just think it’s really hard to go against the Bengals, so look I’ll, take the points and take the Bengals at home.

Yeah the Bengals are rolling right now they were up 22 to nothing last week against New England. Let the Pats creep back into that game. Got a little dicey there at the end, I like what you said about Josh Allen, though being a little bit too Reckless with the football you don’t necessarily think about that, and then against a team like Cincinnati who’s very evenly matched up.

That could prove to be the difference Anthony. Have you not learned anything? I’Ve been telling you this week after week, Prime Time home underdogs this late in the season, especially I’ll, take the one point with the Cincinnati Bengals.

This line might creep up and go towards Cincinnati. Even more, I think the bills could be a really popular play as the week moves on, but this honestly could be an AFC title preview. This probably will come down to a field goal.

I think Cincinnati wins. The football game puts a little bit more pressure on Kansas City for that two seed. This will be an unreal match-up and it could be what proves to be a big difference in some playoff seating in the AFC

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