If you are an avid sports bettor, you've probably experienced the excitement and suspense of placing a wager. However, there are times when the outcome of a game or match may not be going in your favor, and you start to worry about losing your entire stake. This is where the cash out feature on MyBookie can come to your rescue.

What is the MyBookie Cash Out Feature?

How to Use the Cash Out Feature on MyBookie

The MyBookie cash out feature allows you to take control of your bets before the game or match ends. It will enable you to settle your bet early and receive a portion of your potential winnings or minimize your losses if things aren't going well. Instead of waiting until the event's end, you can cash out at any time during the game.

How Does the MyBookie Cash Out Early Work?

MyBookie Cash Out Early feature

Using the cash out feature on MyBookie is relatively simple.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Place your bets: Before you can cash out, you need to place your bets on the game or match of your choice. Make sure to select the bet type and amount you are comfortable with.

2. Monitor your bets: Once they are placed, keep an eye on how they progress. If the game is going in your favor, you may let it ride and wait for the outcome. However, if things start to turn against you, you can consider cashing out early.

3. Access the MyBookie cash out feature: When you want to check if the cash out option is available for your bet, go to your bet slip. On MyBookie, you will find a “Cash Out” button next to each eligible bet. Click on it to see the cash out amount offered by the sportsbook.

4. Evaluate the MyBookie cash out amount: The cash out amount will be determined by several factors, including the current status of the game, the odds of your bet winning, and the amount you initially wagered. Depending on the circumstances, it may be lower or higher than your original stake.

5. Decide whether to cash out: Once you see the cash out amount, you need to make a decision. If you believe that taking the offered amount is more favorable than waiting until the end of the game, you can choose to cash out. Keep in mind that once you cash out, your bet will be settled and you won't have the chance to win any potential additional winnings.

6. Confirm your MyBookie cash out: If you choose to go ahead with the cash out, click on the “Confirm Cash Out” button. Your bet will be settled immediately, and the cash out amount will be added to your account balance.

Advantages of Using MyBookie Cash Out

Using the cash out feature on MyBookie has several advantages:

1. Risk management: Cash out allows you to have more control over your bets and manage your risk. If a game is not in your favor, you can minimize your potential losses by cashing out and securing a portion of your bet.

2. Profit locking: If a game is going well and you believe the momentum might shift, you can lock in some guaranteed profit by cashing out instead of risking it until the end.

3. Flexibility: The cash out feature allows you to adapt to changing game situations. You can make informed decisions based on real-time updates and market conditions.

4. Peace of mind: By using the cash out feature, you can eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes from waiting until the very end of a game to know the outcome of your bet.

MyBookie Cash Out Terms and Conditions

Cash Out will be available on selected events and markets, both pre-match and In-Play, on straight and parlay bets (Cash Out can also be available on Parlays with Open Spots).
Cash Out is unavailable on Teasers, Player Props, Horse Racing, or Virtual Sports.
A time delay in accepting a Cash Out request is in place. If a price changes or a market suspends, the Cash Out request may not succeed. If this happens, you will be prompted to confirm the new amount before the cash-out will be successful.
If the Cash Out request is successful, this will be displayed, and the bet will be settled immediately. The actual final result of the original bet will have no impact on the Cash Out amount.
The Cash-Out amount offered at any time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if the Cash Out request is successful.
A successfully confirmed Cash Out offer is final and cannot be undone.
Cashed Out bets do not count toward rollover.
We reserve the right to remove all or part of the Cash Out feature for any customer or group of customers where it has reasonable grounds to believe that the customer or group of customers is misusing Cash Out by frequently using the feature to take advantage of pre-event price movements and closing their bets through the Cash Out feature before the event has started.
We will not be responsible if the Cash Out feature is unavailable for technical reasons, and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period.
We cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection.
Where Cash Out is available pre-event, and we do not cover, or we stop covering the event In-Play, then Cash Out will be unavailable once the event starts or when our In-Play coverage stops.
Cash Out will not be available when a market is suspended and has no odds.
We reserve the right to accept or decline any bet/wager requested for any sport, competition, market, or bet type included in the Cash Out feature.
We reserve the right to amend, suspend, or remove the Cash Out feature (or any part of it) at any time for any event, market, or customer. Any bets placed on such events or markets will stand as originally placed.
We reserve the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or a market is settled in error.
We reserve the right to reverse a Cash-Out wager if the wager was placed on an obvious line error and cashed out upon correction.
Cash Out is not available for wagers placed using free play.​​

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