Score the Ultimate Victory with BetNow's MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023

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The excitement of baseball season is about to hit its apex with the MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 by BetNow. This thrilling contest gives baseball fans a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise and win big. If you're passionate about the sport and love the thrill of competition, this contest is tailor-made for you.

Let's dive into the details of BetNow's MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 and explore how you can become a champion in this exhilarating event.

BetNow’s Grand Slam Weekly MLB Contest for 2023

Bet Now is giving away $25,000 per week until the end of the regular MLB season. All you have to do is each week select the straight-up winners from the 28 MLB games with the tiebreaker.

Contest Rules

  • Will start with the regular MLB season.
  • Only one entry per household is allowed.
  • The contestant that picks the perfect week; meaning that all picks for that week won with the exact tiebreaker total – will win $25,000.
  • If more than one person wins the grand prize of $25,000, the prize will be equally split among the winners.
  • Consolation prizes will be given out weekly to the top 5 scoring clients. In case of a tie, the prize will be equally split among the winners. The monetary amount for consolation prizes is based on the number of entries.
  • All house MLB rules will apply to full games.
  • Canceled games are given no points and are counted as a loss.
  • The tiebreaker will be the grand salami for the given week. The tie breaker (grand salami) is the total # of runs scored during the entire week.
  • The customer simply needs to pick the straight up winner not against the line.
  • No rollover attached.
  • You must be an active client of BN, as an active client, you can enter this contest absolutely free!! If you’re not active, get active today by calling 1-844-U-BETNOW (1-844-823-8669) or make a deposit online at


The BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 is an exciting opportunity for baseball enthusiasts to turn their passion for the game into a chance to win big. With each passing week, participants will have a shot at winning a remarkable $25,000 prize.

This article will delve into the contest details, rules, and frequently asked questions, ensuring you have all the essential information to maximize your chances of winning.

Contest Details:

The BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 spans the entire Major League Baseball season, offering participants 26 weekly opportunities to win an astounding $25,000 prize. The contest is open to BetNow users, both new and existing, and requires no additional entry fees.

Participation is completely free as long as you are an active BetNow sportsbook player : This is deemed as follows according to the rules of the BetNow sportsbook:

In order to apply for any special promotion or contest you must have an active account, meaning that you must have a total of 16 or more $10 wagers in a given month to keep your account active.

Each week, participants will accumulate points based on their correct MLB game selections.

Every hit, run, and home run matters! The accumulation of points will determine the weekly winners.

With $25,000 up for grabs each week, the excitement and anticipation grow as the season progresses.

Rules and Regulations:

To ensure fair competition, the BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 follows a set of rules and regulations that set the stage for this exhilarating contest.

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

1. Eligibility: The contest is open to individuals aged 18 and above who are BetNow users or create an account on

2. Minimum Wager: To earn an entry into the contest, participants must place a minimum wager of $25 on any MLB game during the week.

3. Accumulation of Points: Points are earned based on correct MLB game predictions. Each hit accounts for one point, each run counts for two points, while each home run contributes five points to the total.

4. Weekly Winners: The weekly winner will be the participant who accumulates the highest number of points during that specific week. In the event of a tie, the prize will be divided equally among the winners.

5. Prize Distribution: The winner will receive a $25,000 cash prize, which will be deposited directly into their BetNow account.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I enter the BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 if I am not a BetNow user?

No, the contest is exclusively available to BetNow users. However, anyone aged 18 and above is eligible to create an account to participate.

2. Can I enter the contest multiple times in a single week?

No, each participant is only eligible for a single entry per week. Placing multiple $25 wagers will not increase your chances of winning.

3. Is there a limit to the number of participants in the contest?

No, there is no limit to the number of participants in the contest. All BetNow users who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to join.

4. How will I know if I have won the weekly $25,000 prize?

The winner will be notified by email or phone call within 48 hours of the contest's completion. The $25,000 cash prize will be deposited directly into the winner's BetNow account.

5. What happens if I have questions or need assistance during the contest?

BetNow provides customer support services round the clock to assist participants with any queries they may have. Simply reach out to their dedicated support team via email, live chat, or phone call.


The BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest 2023 offers a thrilling opportunity for baseball enthusiasts to experience the excitement of the game while vying for a chance to win $25,000 every week throughout the MLB season.

It's easy to enter, requiring you to be an active member – total of 16 or more $10 wagers in a given month to keep your account active.

Remember to accumulate points by making accurate predictions to maximize your chances of securing the grand prize.

So, get ready to swing for the fences and give it your all in this exhilarating contest brought to you by BetNow!

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